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Learning Environment

At 'The Burrows' we aim to provide a Broad, Balanced and Relevant learning environment that will empower children and provide them with a secure foundation on which to build the rest of their lives. Our pre-school staff are fully committed to delivering the Welsh Assembly Government's Curriculum for Wales, which actively encourages children to grow and learn through play. We have regular visits from our support officer who guides us on the delivery of new curriculum

Physical - Outdoor Play

In keeping with our motto 'Play is the Work Children Do', we strive to provide play opportunities that develop both fine and gross motor skills, in an environment that is both safe and stimulating.

Outdoor play, takes place in and around the locality of the nursery. Our ideal location provides access to dunes, forest, grassland, parks and beaches. Having purchased 3 cars, we take advantage to take the children further afield to places such as Margam Park and Techniquest

We follow the Healthy Pre-School Scheme, and we provide a healthy balanced diet, freshly prepared daily, consisting of breakfast, lunch and tea along with mid morning and afternoon snacks. We are able to provide adapted meals for most medical and personal dietary requirements.


The children benefit by interaction with a supportive, well trained adult who is able to extend their learning whilst respecting their dignity.

Language, Literacy and Communication

In line with the aims of the Curriculum for Wales, the nursery strives to offer children a bilingual education. The curriculum is delivered primarily in English. Welsh is used and encouraged throughout the day. The management team encourage to take part in all Professional development opportunities.


Research proves that a child will bond with a number of 'significant adults', and that it is the quality and nature of the care that ensures healthy long-term emotional development. We will provide a secure, stable environment where a child will have a key worker available to them at all times.


Children need to interact with other children, and with other adults in order to establish and function within the socially acceptable rules of our culture. A nursery environment is ideal for healthy social development.

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