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All external doors at the Nursery will be locked at all times in such a way as to prevent any unauthorised access, but not to hinder escape in the event of emergency.

All children must be signed in to the appropriate unit register when they arrive. The name of the person collecting the child must be entered, and the child will not be released to any person other than the one named without prior consent being given by the parent/carer.

All children will be hand reined to a member of staff who will be equipped with a mobile phone when taking part in activities outside the nursery.

Health and Safety

Fire fighting equipment is maintained appropriately, and fire drills will be held regularly. In line with current requirements.

All staff hold a current First Aid certificate, and properly equipped First Aid kits are provided.

Toys, Equipment, Furniture etc, are all inspected regularly for damage or potential hazards.

Risk Assessments are carried out every day.

Data Protection

All records concerning individual children will be kept secure and confidential. Sight of the information held on your child will be available to you on request. It is a requirement that you keep the Nursery advised of any changes in circumstances, which may affect these details.


Photographic records of activities in the nursery are taken from time to time; all such photographs are dealt with and used appropriately. Recognisable photographs of children will not be used outside the nursery without the express permission of the parent/carer.

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