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The Nursery is divided into three units for, Babies, Toddlers and Pre-school Children.

The Adult child ratio for under 2s is 3:1, for 3 - 4s is 4:1, and over 3s is 8:1. Children will move between units depending upon their developmental progress. Each unit is well equipped with a wide range of toys, books and activities appropriate to the age of the children.


The Nursery day is made up of times of free play and adult directed play.

We aim to make the Nursery environment as much like home as possible, consequently opportunities to observe and take part in domestic routines, will be available to the children at different points during the day.

We aim to balance routines and flexibility so that interesting opportunities that arise can be built into the daily learning environment.

Equipment and Activities

Three units within the nursery for Babies, Toddlers and Pre-School enable us to provide age appropriate equipment and activities to ensure that there is a broad balanced curriculum.

Home / Nursery liaison

The relationship between home and the Nursery is a close one and a member of staff will be available to you at the beginning and end of each day. However should you need to speak to any of the Management privately then please ring for an appointment.

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